SYPHONIC FLOW - Supadiverta - syphonic rainwater diverter

Australian made and owned
Divert and capture rainwater, divert leaves and debris, extract debris
Divert and capture rain water
Divert capture rainwater, flush and sediment extraction
Distrubte, divert and capture rain water
Supadiverta is trade marked
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A revolutionary new way to harvest rainwater



Anti-vortex baffle
The anti-vortex baffle blocks the vortex, allowing the pipe to flow full of water. The gravitational pull on FULL FLOW sucks water into the outlet at high velocity, dramatically increasing flow rates.
Vortex slows flow
Gravity weir flow generates a vortex that spirals air and water down a pipe’s inner wall. For this reason and unless flow restricted, drain pipes never contain less than 2/3rds air!

Purging the air to achieve syphonic flow

Water above the baffle stops the vortex, trapping a large air pocket in the pipe. The air pocket’s buoyant force is equal to the weight of the water it displaces and it initially resists the head and the downward flow. Inflowing water creates turbulence and calves air bubbles off the air pocket and carries them downwards, reducing the size of the air pocket until it has negative buoyancy and is purged from the pipe. Syphonic full flow is then established.
How the Supadiverta Works

SUPADIVERTA syphonic flow
- small pipes transferring large quantities of water
A vertical 1 metre long 20mm PVC pressure pipe connected to a Supadiverta outlet will discharge at approximately 58 litres per minute. This is equivalent to a steady 99mm of rain an hour falling on a 35 square metre roof area.  1 mm of water on 1 sq metre = 1 litre.
Maximum flow rates through a connecting larger pipe servicing either one, two or three vertical drops depends on the available head pressure and the length and size of the larger pipe.

  • Full flow pipe must remain primed.
  • Minimise friction loss over long runs.
  • Self cleaning pipework with SUPADIVERTA.
  • Flow rates over 30 metres.

NOTE: Supadiverta is engineered to use 20mm PVC class 12 vertical drops and purging happens within seconds.

Using a larger 25mm x ¾” BSPM PVC valve socket and a 25mm class 12 PVC pressure pipe fitted with an internal pvc air purger increases flow rates. For further details,
see the FITTING page.
Smart water saving and diversion
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