First Flush Kit - Supadiverta - syphonic rainwater diverter

Australian made and owned
Divert and capture rainwater, divert leaves and debris, extract debris
Divert and capture rain water
Divert capture rainwater, flush and sediment extraction
Distrubte, divert and capture rain water
Supadiverta is trade marked
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(a) One 25mm x 3/4” BSPM barbed director.
(b) One 300mm length of 4.5mm breather tube
(c) One 100mm length of 25mm poly pipe.
(d) One 25 mm ratchet clamp
(e) One top cap with 25mm inlet. A lug on the cap’s underside locates the 4.5mm breather tube and bracket.
(f)  One x 4.5mm hose clamp.  
(g) One bracketed bottom cap with 19mm outlet.                                                                     
(h) One 19 mm ratchet clamp.
(i)  One 250mm length of 19mm poly pipe to be cut to required length.
(j)  One 19mm barbed elbow.
(k) One 19 mm inline tap.
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First Flush Kit Components
Smart water saving and diversion
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