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Look after the trees

  • Trees create a rain shadow under their canopy and it is this area that greatly benefits from the use of SUPADIVERTA and Gravity Fed or regular drip hoses.
  • Trees main water absorbing roots are concentrated in the top 300 mm of soil. Regular long slow soakings are highly recommended to avoid water stress.
  • In the domestic situation, most trees are surrounded by grass which absorbs most of the rainfall. Ideally, thick (75-100mm) organic mulch should be used under trees but kept away from the trunk.
  • Trees contain around 80% water and 50% of the remainder is carbon.
  • Fruit trees gain huge benefit from long, deep soakings.
  • Signs of water stress include browning leaves and cracks appearing in bark.
  • Stressed trees produce large amounts of sugar which in turn attracts various pests that cause further stress.
  • When trees are stressed, their defences against insect attack, disease and storms are weakened.
  • Water stressed trees can produce carbon dioxide.
  • Water stressed trees can cause serious house cracking problems.
  • Take time to learn about your trees individual requirements. Lemon trees for example have a shallow root system and require more regular watering than other species. They also need fertiliser high in nitrogen; Blood & Bone is excellent.
  • High temperatures and low rainfall can make soil hydrophobic. Immediately before the next rainfall after a long dry period, treat soil with a soil wetting agent.
  • Suitable trees can add considerable value and benefit to a property and deserve our care and respect!
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