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Water saver rebates...

Sadly, most rebate schemes have now ceased.

Information links for rainwater tanks and other products eligible for water saving rebates are provided below.

Councils sometimes provide water saving programs. Please check your local council.

Government rainwater tank rebates are supplemented by the wise use of products like Supadiverta and a basic knowledge of rainwater harvesting methods and regulations. There are many money saving tips in this website that can save home owners hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars.


The Victorian Government increased water tank rebates on 1 JULY 2012, widened the eligibility for many associated plumbing services and extended the Living Victoria Water Rebate Program to 30 JUNE 2015.

$850  for a 2,000Lt to 3,999Lt tank connected to a toilet or laundry.
$1,300  for a 4,000Lt or greater tank connected to a toilet or laundry.
$1,500 for a 4,000Lt or greater tank connected to a toilet and laundry.
$500 for plumbing an existing tank to a toilet or laundry.
Homes built between 1 JULY 2005 and 1 MAY 2011 are now eligible for water tank rebates.
All Victorian households (including those that are self supplied and not connected to a reticulated water supply) are now included under the Living Victoria Water Rebate Program.
Rebates (conditions apply) also apply to:
Dual flush toilet/cistern upgrades.
3 star shower head upgrades.
Grey water systems.
Water audits.
Washing machines that are a minimum 5 star water (WELS) and 4 star energy rated.
Pool covers.
$30 per year for the purchase of a range of products that also includes downpipe water diverters and drip hoses.
Small business rebates also apply.
Click HERE for home and business rebate information.

Persons rebuilding homes lost in the 2009 Victorian bushfires are eligible for assistance and a range of rebates that includes rainwater tanks.
Click HERE for details.


No rebates but Sydney Water has the Waterfix program that provides plumbers at fixed prices for a range of water saving services.
Click HERE for details.

The TWEED SHIRE COUNCIL currently has a program running until 30 JUNE 2013 that provides residential Rebate for Showers, Spouts, Aerators and Flow Controllers
Click HERE for details.


In the A.C.T. a handy man can install:

  • Tanks and stands.

  • Irrigation systems from a dedicated tank.

  • A pressure boosting pump used solely for irrigation.

  • Rainwater guttering, downpipes and stormwater drains.

Click HERE for these and other details.  


Residents of Perth and endorsed Waterwise Councils in the Perth Metropolitan area are eligible to participate in the Showerhead Swap program.
Click HERE for details.

Property owners in many areas are eligible for rainwater tank and associated plumbing rebates under the current Rainwater Rewards program. The rainwater tank must be 2,000 litres or greater. The program is scheduled to cease on 31 May 2013 or sooner if funds run out.
Click HERE for details.     

H2ome Smart is a program where home owners in many areas are eligible for the free supply and installation of Waterwise products such as water efficient showerheads, tap aerators and the repair of visible leaks in taps and toilets.
The Lower Great Southern Rainwater Reward program also offers limited rewards and is due to close on 30 June 2013 or sooner if funding runs out.
Click HERE for details.  

H2o Smart is a FREE retrofit plumbing service program available to businesses in many towns around WA. The program is scheduled to finish on 31 MAY 2013.
Click HERE for details on both programs.


The Northern Territory Government offers numerous Waterwise Rebates for products and services that include:

  • rainwater tanks

  • new guttering draining to a rainwater tank

  • water saving plumbing work

  • dual flush toilets

  • 4-5 star or higher washing machines

  • pool covers

  • several other water efficient products and services.

It is an impressive list and rebates apply for property owners and tenants in Alice Springs and Tennant Creek.
Click HERE for details.   

One plumbing rebate is for connecting a water tank to a hot water service. This is a cost effective method of utilising harvested rainwater that has long been overlooked in other areas of Australia.


S.A has a rebate of up to $200 for a stand alone rainwater tank. A minimum size of 1,000 litres applies and the tank does not need to be connected to household plumbing.
Click HERE for details.   

There are no other water saver rebates.



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