Drip Hoses - Supadiverta - syphonic rainwater diverter

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GRAVITY FED DRIP HOSES are a gardening necessity!

Designed to operate from very low pressure sources, they are ideal for use with rainwater tanks and SUPADIVERTA but most gardeners are unaware of their existence or confuse them with LOW PRESSURE Drip Hoses. As the quality Gravity Fed Drip Hoses are invariably more expensive than their Low Pressure cousins, they are soon relegated to the store’s lower shelf or floor where they remain unloved gathering dust! So how do they work and why are they so good?

AQUATREK has extensively tested several Gravity Fed Drip Hoses and others will be tested during the year. The following observations pertain to the quality Holman Green Hose.

  • Automatic additional watering to selected areas.
  • Comes in 30 metre lengths and accepts standard 13mm fittings.
  • The hose can be cut to alter the length or cut lengths used as `branches’ off a poly pipe mainline.
  • Emitters are moulded into the hose wall and have two outlets per emitter, a pressure regulator and an inbuilt filter.
  • Emitters spaced every 300mm individually discharge at approximately 2 litres per hour. This flow rate is critical to allow the most efficient soil hydraulic conductivity over several hours.
  • Works well under mulch to deliver water directly to the soil. DO NOT BURY UNDER DIRT.
  • To enable flushing, fit ends with 13mm flushing caps. DO NOT USE PLUGS.
  • Fit inline taps to selectively vary distribution.
  • Do not water too close to a tree trunk. Coil the hose on ground around tree and gradually coil outward to the drip line.

AQUATREK suggests using 19mm polypipe to supply the drip hose. Join hoses with reducing joiners.

AQUATREK has a number of discounted Holman Green Hoses in stock but they are for local sales only as we do not post this item. Gardeners in the Melbourne South Eastern suburbs should contact us for information about prices and pick up or delivery arrangements.

We have a special offer of a Supadiverta and a Holman gravity fed drip hose.
Contact us for further details. This offer is NOT AVAILABLE BY MAIL ORDER.

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